10 Things About Junebug

Close up photo of Junebug’s face | © 2014

Here are 10 things about myself, wags!

  1. My name is Junebug. I will be six years old in May 2015. I am a working Guide Dog and an alumni of Guide Dogs for the Blind. I was trained at the San Rafael, CA campus.
  2. My mom is an advocate, motivational speaker, and artist. I guide her to all of her speaking events. This means I have logged in a lot of air-miles. I have the whole riding in an airplane at my mom’s feet down. I’m so well behaved on the plane, that most people don’t even know I’m there.
  3. I work hard, but I also play hard. I have three – yes, THREE overflowing toy boxes. It’s very important to balance work with play. My favorite toy right now is my new bright green Kong ring with a rope and handle.
  4. I am a female yellow Labrador Retriever. And, I have a black birthmark like spot on my tongue.
  5. I was raised in southern California.
  6. I once used my Guide Dog skills to save my mom from being hit by (of all things) an ambulance. I saw it coming and quickly backed us up out of the way.
  7. I have a BFF who’s name is Jules. He also is a Guide Dog. We often get together and have play-dates.
  8. I’m currently living in Kentucky.
  9. I came trained as a Guide Dog for the Blind, but additionally my mom has taught me twenty-seven tricks and counting!
  10. I love my job and I love life. I have an outgoing personality. I check it in while I’m at work, but when I’m not working I am full of wags.
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