2015 National Service Animal Eye Exam

Junebug receiving her 2015 National Service Dog Eye Exam.

Junebug receiving her 2015 National Service Animal Eye Exam.

I am extra waggy happy this morning. Yesterday I had my annual ACVO 2015 National Service Animal Eye Exam and was told that my eyes are looking perfectly healthy, wags wags wags!

My eyes are vital to my successful work as a guide dog for the blind who proudly guides my mom. On our ride over to the appointment, my mom was shaking her foot fast. I pick up on her energy really well. I knew she was feeling nervous and in knowing so, I softly rested my head on her lap. Although my mom felt like I would be given a good report, this was not a 100 % guarantee. That unknown was scary for her. A flood of relief came once we heard, “Your eyes look beautiful,” from the Veterinarian Ophthalmologist. Those words couldn’t have been more welcoming to our ears.

Here is a video collage of my eye exam. My mom said she was so very proud of me. I stayed still for the exam, except for the couple of times I turned my head and gave the assistant a few big Bug kisses. I couldn’t resist!

The ACVO National Service Animal Eye Exam event is a philanthropic effort generously provided to the public by the board certified Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists who donate their time, staff and services to provide free screening ocular exams to qualified Service Animals.

This program would not be successful without the generosity of our Diplomates and the financial support of all our valuable sponsors. 

Over 38,000 Service Animals have received these free screening exams over the past seven years. Please participate, support our ophthalmologists and sponsors to ensure this program continues in 2016 and beyond.”

– Stacee Daniel, ACVO Executive Director

Junebug (left) and her BFF Jules (right) get a Strawberry and Cream dog treat.

Junebug (left) and her BFF Jules (right)  being given a Strawberry and Cream dog treat.

After my eye exam my mom treated Jules, my BFF aka best fur friend furever, and I to a delicious Strawberry and Cream dog treat. This was a treat she had picked up from the local dog bakery. The taste of the smooth strawberry and carob dipped treat delighted my taste buds.

My mom and I are profoundly grateful that my eyes are healthy. We are both very thankful to the ACVO, the Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists, and sponsors who help make such an important event happen.

❤ Wags,


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Junebug and the Little Red Tricycle

The little red tricycle by it’s self on the side walk. A second photo of Junebug sitting and posing beside it. © 2014

Happy New Year my friends! Yesterday was a beautiful (albeit cold) winter day here in Kentucky. The sun was shining which always makes me extra waggly. It was a cool 25° F (feels like 19° F) which is about -4º C (feels like -7º C) outside. The frigid weather did not keep me from working.

Yesterday morning I guided mom to an appointment. After that, I guided her on a walk. I had the good fast pace that she likes going and then I came to an abrupt stop. I was telling her to explore because there was an obstacle on the sidewalk. You know what I did? I kept her from walking into or tripping over a child’s tricycle (see photo), wags. I was so very proud of myself and mom was so very proud of me. She praised me and gave me kisses on my forehead. You see that’s something she quite possibly could trip and hurt herself over — that is however, if she did not have me or was walking without a white cane or assistance. I was trained by my alumni, Guide Dogs for the Blind how to handle situations like that one. I was trained how to alert my handler (my mom) when an obstacle on our path is in the way. After mom finished praising me, she had a light bulb moment — she thought what a great opportunity it would be to record such an encounter and to share with all of you. She thought it would be an educational moment, to give you a little glimpse into what a Guide Dog like myself can do for the blind and visually impaired. Then she realized, it was also a great reminder to be appreciative of what we may perceive as “the little things in life.” Are they really small? For my mom, what some may see as a little red tricycle on the sidewalk is a reminder of how grateful and blessed she is to have me as her Guide Dog. For  her I am a freedom. So, do you know what she did? She made a video! She had me back up and rework the scene as she recorded it on her phone. And, then I came home and wrote this blog post. How PAWesome is that?

Junebug enjoying her Kong Extreme toy filled with a few pieces of frozen banana and peanut butter. © 2014

Junebog and her Kong  ExtremeJunebog and her Kong  ExtremeTrader Joe's Peanut Butter Junebug enjoying her Kong Extreme toy filled with a few pieces of frozen banana and Trader Joe’s unsalted peanut butter. © 2014

You know what also is PAWesome? When I guided her back home, she rewarded me with a woofderful Kong Company Extreme toy filled with a few pieces of frozen banana and Trader Joe’s creamy unsalted peanut butter (from unbleached peanuts). Wags wags wags, it was so delicious. Mom said it was also well deserved. She said I’ve done another whole year of doing an excellent job of guiding her. She handed me the Kong Extreme filled treat and said, “Cheers, to you Junebug!”

Alright, are you ready to watch the video? Don’t be disappointed if you’re blind or visually impaired. Mom made a point to describe what was happening. If you are hearing impaired, there are subtitles. So, without further ado, I present to you my first video published on my new YouTube channel:

Enjoy and let me know what you think. If you like what you see, keep following my blog and invite your family and friends to do so as well. I’m a social Bug — so be sure to follow me on social media. Have a Happy New Year!



* Note from my mom, Margeaux: Thank you for watching this video. I am an advocate, motivational speaker and artist. I also happen to be partially blind/visually impaired. Please feel free to visit my site margeauxgray.com. If interested in contacting me and or booking me (and Junebug of course, too!) for your event, please click here and fill out the contact form.

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