International Guide Dog Day

Junebug and Margeaux. Margeaux has her arm around Junebug, who is in harness, and is giving her a kiss.

Junebug and Margeaux. Margeaux has her arm around Junebug, who is in harness, and is giving her a kiss.

Turn up the music and let’s celebrate. Today is International Guide Dog Day!

When I was growing up and being raised by my guide dog puppy raisers, I had no idea just how cool being a guide dog really would be. Now that I am one, I can tell you that it’s a PAWesome job.

Check out this video of some guide dog awesomeness in action. My mom recorded this back in 2013. It’s really cool she wanted to record an example of my work, and she sure got to. What this video captures is an example of one of the many things I was trained to do at Guide Dogs for the Blind, my alumni. I was taught to slow down, come to a stop, and slightly angle my body in front of my mom’s legs. This is to alert my mom that there is an object in our way.

Pretty PAWesome isn’t it?

Junebug and Fee-Fi-Fo-Frog, her stuffed frong toy.

Junebug and Fee-Fi-Fo-Frog, her stuffed frog toy.

In past posts I have shared about the importance of balancing work with play. It’s very important, because a guide dog’s work can be intense. When I’m off-duty I enjoy playing with all my toys. I recently acquired a new squeaky toy that I’ve been playing keep away with. I will be honest; I’m really good at this game and my mom, not so much. I win just about every time and shh… don’t tell her, sometimes I let her win. 😛

This is another glimpse into my many adventures as a guide dog.

Junebug, in harness, wearing a pink and sparkly cowgirl hat.

Junebug, in harness, wearing a pink and sparkly cowgirl hat.

I’d like to tip my cowgirl hat to all the PAWesome guide dogs and their parents out there (like my mom and me, wags!) pups in training, retired, and to all who’ve passed. Also, a huge woof-out to everyone from guide dog puppy raisers, donors, trainers, vets, kennel staff, volunteers, and etc. who help a guide dog on the path to her or his career. Thank you for all you do. And guide dogs, thank you for your service.

❤ Wags,


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Learn more about Junebug’s alumni, Guide Dogs for the Blind.


Junebug Saves the Day!

Junebug sitting in front of the elevator.

This Bug would like to interrupt your regularly scheduled program for an important announcement.

I saved mom from being squashed by elevator doors.

Happy tail wags!

Here is what happened. This morning I guided mom on an errand. We were waiting for the elevator. Mom heard the sound signaling that it had arrived.

At the same time my mom was on her mobile phone. Tisk tisk tisk! 😉 Mom knows better than to do this and normally she never does. It’s kind of comparative to texting while driving not being safe.

My mom is partially blind. Sometimes she stubbornly thinks she can rely on the clear peripheral sight she has.

Well, I think she has learned her lesson.

So, mom was calling to let our transportation know we were ready to go home. She wasn’t paying too much attention to the sounds around her.

Guess who was paying attention?

Me, thankfully!

Mom, gave me the command to go “inside.” I started guiding her in. We were crossing the elevator threshold when I saw that it wasn’t safe to continue.

The doors started to close.

I came to a sudden stop and quickly backed us up.

My mom hung up the phone when she realized what I had just done for her. She was so proud of me. She gave me lots of praise and a yummy treat.

I couldn’t stop wagging my tail.

Guide dogs for the blind do so many things for their partners. What I did today is one prime example.

Here is a video that my mom recorded of me after I had already saved her from the elevator doors. She wanted to recreate the situation to demonstrate to all of you what I did. You’ll notice in this video that I also know how to find her the elevator button. You’ll also notice that once again mom didn’t quite realize the doors were closing, but I did. Listen to her voice. She about told me “Junebug, inside” again, but stops as she realizes the doors are closing.

Am I a rock-star or what?

These are all things I learned at my alumni, Guide Dogs for the Blind.

I love my job!

Cheers to you and woofing all of you a very happy and healthy weekend! 

 ❤ Wags, 


Ps. I’m have on my harness and pawesome RUFFWEAR booties. I wear the booties to protect my precious paws (in the winter from the salt used when it snows and in the summer from the hot pavement). I also have on my hot pink coat and a pink and grey knitted flower on my collar

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